Play SQL

A plugin for databases in Confluence

Why introducing databases in Confluence®? In my teams, Confluence has always been the glue between the company’s systems. The content is unstructured by nature. Take the release notes as an example: Here you have a list of JIRA issues mixed with textual explanations of the upgrade tasks. This is the mission of Confluence: Being a […]

Going Live

At the beginning, I just developed it as a hobby: We needed a tool for both automatic and manual testing. Surefire test reports (the JUnit plugin for Maven) were convenient, but they couldn’t be mixed with manual testing for non-automated checks. In the end, I created a database, used PostgreSQL and an ad-hoc plugin for […]

Starting the blog, fine-tuning the dev

So i started this development months ago but now i’m finally going online … Main reason is that i have been entirely focusing on the development, and before starting to go public, i wanted to be sure of what i was doing. Anyway, just stay tuned, here will come much more in the coming weeks.