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Your company has specific business data. You manage bookings, articles, people, and you would like to share with your colleagues.

With Play SQL Forms, you’ll be able to display custom views for your colleagues. For every user profile, Play SQL Forms lets you design a layout with more explanations, comfortable editing areas and editing access to some fields.


Browse records

1 - Editing with legend

Make sure your users focus on the context of their item. Guide them, provide explanations and validate their entries.


Display linked data across tables

2 - Linked Records w Legend 1840x900

The unique power of databases: An article can be tied to many providers, price lists, reservations, and Play SQL lets you navigate across entities. Good luck doing that with Excel.


Deploy on your intranet

3 - Intranet

Host your own data internally and work together with colleagues on an easy, intuitive copy of your common documents. The data on the intranet becomes a reference perspective of other departments, constantly up-to-date with your business.


Use case: The scuba diving shop

Jump to our blog and read about a scuba diving resort using Play SQL Spreadsheets and Forms to manage their bookings.

New booking


Easy as Confluence 5

Confluence uses a natural editor to layout pages for your intranet. Play SQL Forms leverages this power to design forms and mingle them with text.



The dirty little secret of professionals

Managing business data in a database is the first step towards Business Intelligence. Professionals use SQL to query the data and get very specific insights about their domain. Whether they extract subsets of records or publish overview statistics, the mastership of SQL is key to your organizational performance.

To your sharpest employees, we make SQL accessible by including a sexy editor, wizards and e-mail training. We’re provoking the opportunity.



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Play SQL Forms is a free open-source addition to Play SQL Spreadsheets. Both require Atlassian Confluence.

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