Play SQL

Requirement Yogi is now our best-selling product ever

Requirement Yogi is a tool to manage requirements inside of Confluence. I’m proud to announce that growth has been surprisingly high, customers seem to love it. We’ve already written blogposts about it but here’s the link to the Atlassian Marketplace: We have a diversified portfolio, with recent releases on every product being sold: Play SQL […]

Systems have been upgraded (OpenSSL)

Following the OpenSSL security advisory 2015-12-03, all Play SQL systems have been upgraded and are secure against the vulnerabilities mentioned above. Each system has gone under a 3-minute interruption during the upgrade, between 8.30am and 9.10am UTC. We apologize for the inconvenience, it was necessary to upgrade as early as possible.

End of the Summer Experiment

In July we’ve announced temporarily reduced prices for user tiers of 25 and 50 users. We’ve decided to end this operation. Starting tomorrow, they will come back to normal. We’re ending it because we’ve noticed evaluations are not driven by price, and we don’t want to erode expectations for the pricing of other add-ons. It seems when a […]

Why reducing the price of our lower tiers?

In July we’ve made a coup. We’ve reduced the price of our 10-user, 25-user and 50-user licenses to $10. The pricing debate There is much debate on the pricing of downloadable software. Low prices introduce the risk of signaling lower quality, although we offer the same polished product for entreprise and starter tiers. The way […]


We’re upgrading the permission management in Play SQL 2.11. The default permissions Play SQL inherits the space permissions of Confluence by default. This is very convenient when a spreadsheet belongs to a space: Only users of that space can view it. This is designed to enforce disclosure control: Even if a member of your team shares […]

Dialects for several database vendors

In a nutshell, we accept open-source contributions to the database dialects so several vendors can be supported. The project is open-source on BitBucket. Contributors can extend the support which is currently only for PostgreSQL, and we may see support for MySQL, Oracle and SQL Server. Contributors can even upload their dialect directly on the Atlassian Marketplace […]

Enterprise Spreadsheets for Confluence? Now with Data Center support

Our goal has always been to be supportive for massive databases, massive spreadsheets, massive datamodels. After all, that’s the power of using a SQL database behind the scenes. We’re introducing two new features for our Confluence customers. Data Center support and revised pricing for bigger instances If you browse the Marketplace listing for Play SQL […]

One Year of Upgrades

tl;dr Play SQL Spreadsheets is an extension for the intranet tool named Atlassian Confluence. It lets users create a database schema in a friendly way and displays it like spreadsheets. Columns can be edited with rich formats, icons or formulas. Because it is seamlessly integrated in Atlassian Confluence, it makes the database accessible to non-power users. Hi Joseph, Hi, David, […]

How to Manage Requirements with Atlassian Confluence and JIRA

Atlassian Confluence is a mind-blowing tool for capturing information on a project. Its ergonomics and perks, such as macros, document organization and teamwork features, bring up new ways of organizing your teams, but this has already been discussed in a previous article (“The myth of the shared network drive” in French). Today we’re going to look at […]

New extension for Confluence: Forms

We’re happy to announce we’re extending the Play SQL family: We’re releasing Forms for Confluence. We had three goals: Make it easier for end-users to enter data, without being disturbed by the other records, Make it possible to build custom apps with a click’n’play editor, Showcase an open-source add-on to Play SQL Spreadsheets. Please check […]